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crafting woman: mitz metals


Malgosia ist die Designerin vom Schmucklabel mitz metals. Der Mix der Materialien Kupfer, Messing und Sterling Silber machen den Schmuck so interessant und einzigartig.
Liebe Malgosia,

Bitte stell dich kurz vor:
My name is Małgosia and I'm the girl behind mitzmetals.
I live in Zielona Góra in western Poland with my partner and our four cats. I am a self-taught jewellery maker, while my educational background is in cultural anthropology. Jewellery making started for me as a hobby, than became a way to support my budget when I worked in a local musem. And some time ago I quit my day job to become a full time jewellery maker.
Wie hast du deine Kreativität entdeckt und woher nimmst du deine Ideen und Inspirationen?
I was raised in a very DIY oriented family. I think it was partly caused by constant shortage of consumer goods in communist era. It was not simple to buy new clothings or furniture, so people had to go creative and make things on their own or recreate what was available to adjust it to their needs.
Though I have some skills in different crafts, I discovered jewellery making by accident. I got a lovely pair of earrings as a gift. Unfortunately, they were made from metal that irritated my ears. I purchased some silver wire and altered them to make them wearable for me. And so I was bitten by the bug. I started to make jewellery for myself, than for family and friends.
My own needs and preferations are the main source of my jewellery ideas. I like really simple things. I think of jewellery as a spice that you add to your daily outfit. Just like with cooking – I only want a pinch to add taste without dominating the whole look.

Welche Materialen verarbeitest du am liebsten?
My absolutely favourite materials are silver, copper and brass. In fact, I rarely use anything else! I love copper especially for its unique color. I love how it adds some subtle warmth to your final look. I think it looks its best with shades of gray and white. Copper jewellery requires some care as it tarnishes quickly, but it's definitely worth it.
Wie hat sich dein Label entwickelt? Welche Anfangsschwierigkeiten hattest du?
When I first started selling my jewellery, I was overwhelmed by the veriaty of beads, gemstones and components available. I wanted to have them all and try everything! It wasn't a good thing, I think it limited my creativity in a way. Also, I used to make things that I expected my customers to buy – but didn't actually like them much. In result, there was no consistency in my designs in that time and I wasn't really proud of my work.
Finally I realized I needed to follow my creative instincts. I decided to use only metals. I wanted to focus on expending my metalsmithing skills rather than the range of beads and gemstones in my jewellery. This was the moment when mitzmetals label was born. I think it will evolve over time with my personal prefereces. The direction I want to take is adding more volume to my jewellery while still keeping it simple.
Wie schaffst du es Beruf und Familie unter einen Hut zu bekommen?
Finding balance between my business and private life is sometimes challenging for me. There are days when it's hard to stay on task. And there are times when I'm so exited about a new project that I could cancel all my meetings with family and friends. My partner is a comedian and writer and luckily he can understand the ins and outs of being your own boss. We try to support each other in not going too crazy about our jobs :)

Lieben Dank Malgosia, dass ich Einblick in deine kreative Tätigkeit nehmen durfte.


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